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3 Benefits of Using An International Card For Money Transfer

While it could be tough to send money to loved ones back home while studying in another country, foreign students have various options for making money transfers. These options include both in-person and online money transfer services. One of the options available to you is to create a money transfer using an international credit card. With these forex cards, students can quickly and easily send money to almost anybody, regardless of where they are on the planet. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss three benefits of using a credit card to make international money transfers.

At Your Finger Tips

One of the most important benefits that can be obtained via the use of a forex card to effect a money transfer is the convenience that is provided to the user. Especially, when there is a card like Niyo’s international card that’s not only easy to use but also proves reduced exchange and transfer rates. Students with access to an international card can send money to anybody, anywhere in the world, at any time; all they need is a smartphone or a computer to complete the transaction. This gives them a significant advantage over their peers who do not have international cards. Because of this, students will only need to spend their time going to the bank or a money transfer agency, saving them both time and effort. This will allow students to save time and effort.


When transferring money internationally, using a card issued by a foreign financial institution provides several benefits, one of which is safety assurance. These forex cards come with a personal identification number (PIN), which safeguards them and allows for easy replacement if they are misplaced or stolen. Additionally, the transactions are managed using encrypted channels, which prevents the pupils' personal information from being exposed.

Economically sensible

Compared to other, more traditional methods of moving money, such as bank transfers or wire transfers, using a forex card to transfer money may be a more cost-effective alternative. This is because financial institutions issue international cards rather than individual banks. Utilizing one of the numerous credit cards that provide competitive exchange rates and low or even zero fees for making overseas transactions is one way for students to save money on the expenses associated with transferring money abroad.

It is also essential to remember that most forex cards used to transfer money contain mobile and internet banking services. While students are away at school studying in another country, these services may make it easier for them to monitor their accounts and move money between those accounts.


To recap, using a forex card gives students an easy, risk-free, and monetarily beneficial option to retain financial links with loved ones back home while they are away at school. Because it allows users to conduct money transfers quickly and easily, from any place in the world, with little to no fees and gives the added protection of an international card, it is an ideal option for international students. Students may find it easier to manage their finances and transfer money to friends and family back home while they are away at school since banking services are now available through the internet and mobile devices.

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