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Are you friends with someone who loves traveling, or is there somebody who is deemed the de facto, travel junky of the family? If yes, then with the holiday season right around the corner, it might be a good idea to start contemplating gifting ideas for these globetrotters. Well, it goes without saying that picking the right present is a daunting task, but with some tips and tricks, the process becomes pretty manageable. Well, we have compiled a list of gifting items for people who love to travel abroad.


1. Apple Air Tag – Lost luggage has become a common problem in the post-pandemic world. However, you can help your friend with the hassles of such an untoward incident by gifting them an Air Tags. They are a great technology that can help find lost luggage in an instant. Without a doubt, people who travel abroad frequently will find the Air Tag to be a thoughtful and useful gift.

2. Portable Carry-On Luggage – A mobile and spacious carry-on bag can make traveling a hassle-free experience. You can gift your globetrotter friends a compact yet comprehensive carry-on bag with wheels, which can fit some extra clothes, towels, and likewise. Rest assured that any travel junky would appreciate such a present.

3. Portable Charger – If your friend or family member who often ventures out on travels abroad does not own a portable charger, then look no further, as you have found the right gift for them. Nothing is more frustrating than a phone or tablet dying out at the wrong moment. Thus, a portable charger is a great holiday gift for travel enthusiast friends.

4. Travel Diary and Planners – People who love to travel abroad also enjoy journaling. So, you can also opt for an aesthetic travel journal as a holiday gift for your globetrotting friends or family members. Nowadays, various eco-friendly options are also available, and travel journal kits with accessories are also a good gift option. Rest assured that your friend will be absolutely delighted to receive such a gift.

5. Tech Kit Organizer – It is a perfect gift for people with too much technology. Messy wires and tangled cords are annoying, especially on a journey. Thus, you can buy a tech kit organizer for your friend so that they save time and space by keeping all cables and gadgets in one place and also protecting them from damage.

6. Portable Water Purifier – Avid travelers are all too familiar with the pain of buying water bottles each day. But you can help your friend or loved one dodge the problem of constantly buying water and help them save money by presenting a portable water purifier. It is a particularly great gift for adventure lovers who are always out on a hike or trek. Good-quality portable water purifiers remove 99.9 percent of water-borne bacteria and ensure that your friend has clean drinking water at all times.

So, there we have it, six top-tier gifting options for people who love to travel abroad.

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