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How to use your International card as a Student, abroad

You should always have some cash with you, but utilizing an international card for most of your purchases may make your trip abroad much less complicated. Because of this, you won't have to worry about dealing with currency conversion, and you may avoid paying excessive international transaction fees by using the proper international card.

In addition, the risk of becoming a victim of a pickpocket will be reduced since international cards are less bulky and more difficult to lose than cash and has the same effect of instant pay, and because you won't really lose any money if your card is taken. If you lose your card and report it missing, you won't be held responsible for any charges made without your permission.

However, the use of an international card does not automatically result in savings when making purchases in a foreign currency. That dream may become a reality if you do these four steps before you depart and all during your trip.

1. Make use of an international card that does not charge a fee for purchases made in a foreign currency.

International card companies often levy extra costs if you use your card to make purchases from a foreign retailer abroad. You may end up paying several percentage points more than the advertised price for whatever you buy abroad because of these fees, which average 1% to 3% of the total. Over the course of a journey, this may quickly mount up.

When making instant pay from your own country, international transaction fees may apply if the seller is located abroad and processes the transaction in their local currency. When planning your vacation, keep this in mind when choosing a hotel and activities.

2. Before you leave, contact your international card company.

Once you've gathered the necessary cards, notify the issuer of your upcoming trip and get a number you may contact collect from abroad if you need help. This will prevent your cards from being frozen due to suspicious behavior and provide you with a free method of contacting your card issuer should the need arise.

In certain cases, card issuers have eliminated the need that cardholders notify them of future trips. American Express, for one, employs anti-fraud technologies to determine when its cardholders are abroad. In case Amex wants to get in touch with you while you're away, it's a good idea to keep your information up to date. You should call your international card provider ahead of time to find out whether they need notification that you will be travelling internationally.

3. It's best to stay away from instantaneous currency conversions

Make sure you don't use the dynamic currency conversion option of your international card during instant pay, which lets you pay for purchases in a foreign nation using your native currency. While shopping abroad, it might be difficult for some of us to quickly convert foreign currencies to U.S. dollars in our thoughts. At the register, foreign shops exploit this feature by giving customers a quotation in their own currency while secretly converting the visitors' money at a high exchange rate.

4. Learn and commit to remember your personal identification number

Due to the introduction of chip-and-PIN technology, certain international card terminals (most notably those in Europe) now need the entry of a personal identification number from the cardholder (PIN). Before leaving town, make sure you've put one up and remembered it.

Some nations' retailers choose the older, less secure magnetic stripe method. Consequently, without sufficient identification, stores in these areas may refuse to process your international card. If you have your passport with you, you shouldn't have any problems. Simply put, retailers need a way to ensure that the individual making a international card purchase is the cardholder.

So, to Sum Up

Although going abroad might be a mental and financial challenge, there are methods to make it easier on yourself. You may prevent unpleasant international card bill shocks after returning from a vacation abroad if you carry Niyo Global card that does not charge any transaction fees. Download the Niyo Global app and apply for the card that you can carry for travelling abroad, and to make all transactions in the local currency .

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