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Las Vegas is an internationally acclaimed resort city and a must-visit destination on your upcoming trip to the USA. However, besides its world-famous casinos, entertainment, lively nightlife, and outdoor activities, the ‘Sin City’ is also known for being ‘blasphemously’ expensive. You can expect to spend anywhere from USD 200 to 300 per person per day on your Las Vegas vacation, but there are ways to cut costs. How? Let us find out!


For some extra spice, oomph, and adventure on your next trip to the USA, Las Vegas is the deft destination. But splurging on casinos, decadent hotels, and rumbunctious resorts can take a toll on your pocket. So, we have compiled a list of tricks and tips to help you save money.

  1. Visit Las Vegas during the Off-season or Middle of the Week – It goes without saying that you can always get a better deal on rooms and other events if you plan your Las Vegas itinerary during the off-season or at least in the middle of the week. For example, all Friday and Saturday nights cost twice as much as Sunday to Thursday in Las Vegas. Furthermore, another thumb rule is to avoid visiting the place on holidays as it will be thronged with people, and businesses have little incentives to offer.

  2. Hog during Happy Hours – If you want to save a few bucks in Las Vegas on your upcoming trip to the USA, then take advantage of the Happy Hours. Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, Sin City does Happy Hours better than anywhere else in the world. So, if you want to enjoy drinks and food at a hip yet expensive place, visit it during happy hours. Even if it seems too early, your wallet will thank you later.

  3. Fix a Budget for Gambling – When in Las Vegas, there is nothing more dangerous than a credit card with no upper limit spending or a debit card that gives you access to more than budgeted. So, when indulging in gambling, be smart and set a budget. Remember that gambling is an indulgence and not a necessity. Thus, wager only what your wallet permits. Moreover, attempting to recover losses in gambling is a blind alley, which will plunge into deep trouble.

  4. Explore the Free Things – The extravagance, raunchiness, and raving nightlife might make it seem that fun and adventure in Las Vegas are only possible when you are splurging money. However, that is far from reality, as the place offers a plethora of free things to explore. For example, you can visit the Flamingo Wildlife Habit, hike at the Red Rock Canyon, explore the Ethel M Chocolate Factory, and tour to Silver Aquarium.

  5. Invest in an International Travel Card – Last but not least, before your trip to the USA begins, apply for an International travel card with no Forex markup charges to save some extra money. Such cards are immune to FOREX rate fluctuation and may come with added benefits like lounge access, cashbacks, travel insurance, etc. Thus, they are a top-tier way to save some extra bucks on Las Vegas.

Thus, there we have it, five foolproof tricks and tips that can help you save money on your Las Vegas adventure.

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