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The best international travel cards are those that allow you to spend in foreign currencies with minimal additional charges. To an untrained eye, an international travel card or a forex card may seem similar to the usual credit card, but there are considerable differences. To begin with, forex cards are prepaid cards that you must load before using. Nowadays, international cards with benefits, such as zero forex markups, are gaining traction for all the right reasons. So, if you are contemplating investing in a global travel card, read ahead to find out what you should be looking for!


Zero Forex Markup

If you are unaware, when you make payments in a foreign currency with your credit or debit card, the concerned bank charges a forex markup fee on the total transaction. However, you can swerve such ancillary expenses by opting for an international travel card with zero forex markups. Thus, all your transactions involving foreign currency, such as flight bookings, hotel reservations, tuition fees, etc., become cost-efficient.

All-around Operability

The second element that makes a global travel card worth your time is its workability across different geographies. You should look for a card that seamlessly operates in all the countries of the planet. For instance, the right travel card will help you load up in INR prior to your journey and then auto-convert the INR into the local currency of your international destination. After that, you can use the international card to withdraw money from ATMs or to pay at VISA-accepting merchants.

Hassle-free Procuring

Along with benefits such as zero forex markups, and overall workability, the optimal international card should also be easy to procure and use. You should be able to open an account for your international debit card quickly and in simple steps. Likewise, providing a digital account that gives you the liberty to manage transactions before the physical card arrives is also essential.

Zero Balance Savings Account

The account attached to your international travel card permit zero balance. Ideally, you should not be mandated to maintain a specified monthly balance on your global travel card at all times.


Any international travel card is not worth your time if its security features are not up to the mark. The best global debit cards come with lock/unlock/block card options. For instance, the global card you choose should let you temporarily block the entire card or individual payments, such as ATM withdrawals, contactless payments, card swipes, etc., for enhanced safety and confidentiality. Therefore, along with zero forex markup, look for an international debit card with strict security.

Support Services

Last but not least, the international debit card you opt for should provide personalized services, such as assistance through the immigration queue, help with baggage, and likewise. In addition, another pertinent element is the availability of 24/7 customer support services. It is important that you have rapid access to the appropriate people of your travel card should you ever have an issue with your account while away from home.

So, there we have it, an overview of the top six things that make an international travel card worth your time and consideration. Although zero forex markup is the ‘x’ factor for any global debit card, other elements, such as enhanced security, worldwide operability, etc., are also essential.

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