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Alternately known as the Gateway to Germany, Hamburg is the country's second-largest city by population. Tourists throng the place every year because of its vibrant nightlife, enthralling festivals, scenic beauty, and maritime spirit. So, if you have been planning to travel to Germany this 2023, a visit to Hamburg must be on your itinerary.


The Port of Hamburg

The Port of Hamburg, also called HafenCity, sprawls across 100 square kilometers of the tidal harbor and provides the city with the title of 'Gateway to Germany.' The place comprises a plethora of tourist attractions, such as the beautiful pedestrian trail in the 19th-century Warehouse District and the continuous row of tall brick buildings. Kohlbrandbrucke, a bridge spanning the harbor that is 3.9 kilometers in length, is yet another famous structure associated with the Port of Hamburg.

Lake Alster

If you have been planning to travel to Germany, then a trip to Lake Alster in Hamburg is unmissable. The city center of Hamburg has two artificial lakes – the Inner Alster and the Outer Alster. They connect the Elbe and Alster rivers and are home to some of Hamburg's prettiest squares and walking areas. The area also boasts several of the best places to eat in Hamburg and has multiple shopping outlets. If you visit Lake Alster in September, you can also enjoy the Astervergnugen – a street far organized around the lake.

St. Pauli

If you want to indulge in the classic Hamburg nightlife, then nothing can beat St. Pauli. Known for being the creative district of Hamburg, St. Pauli has a vivacious and raving nightlife and excellent food joints, which are sure to sweep you off your feet. Unless you are traveling with kids, heading out to enjoy the hedonistic lifestyle at St. Pauli ought to be on your 'to-do list.' Lastly, if you are a Beatles fan, do not forget to partake in the self-guided tours where you can spot the clubs where the Fab 4 played before they became world-famous.

Hambur Rathaus or City Hall

In the city center of Hamburg stands the towering and majestic City Hall. It is a large and elaborately bedecked Neo-Renaissance building whose construction was completed in 1897. The building has 647 rooms, many of which are open to public viewing. Notable features of the Hamburg Rathaus include its mesmerizing painted ceiling in the Kaisersall, depicting the importance of German merchant shipping.

International Maritime Museum

If you want to travel to Germany, then a tour of the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg is a must. It is one of the most exciting attractions of the city. The museum not only covers Hamburg's seafaring history but also delves into a 3000-year symbiosis between humans and the sea. The oldest artifact at the Maritime Museum comes from the River Ilbe and is a dugout boat built from a tree trunk.

So, there we have it, a crisp overview of the top five must-visit places in Hamburg. If you have been planning to travel to Germany in 2023, you will not regret a few days to visit Hamburg.

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